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We love the art of producing high quality long hair content for inspiration, motivation and for showcasing how beautiful very long hair is.

We produce our videos with both semi-professional and professional camera equipment to create the best possible long hair content in the world.

In other words, our focus is not having low costs, our focus is having top quality, even though it costs a lot.

However, the price of our videos and photo sets are still low so that everyone are able to purchase our videos and photo sets.

Our videos and photo sets are available for purchase by anyone (both for personal use and for businesses), but remember that you can not re-sell, re-upload or share the video or photo set you have bought.

Our videos and photo sets are not for royalty free use for hair care product videos or ads, hair product videos or ads, hair growth product videos or ads, or any other post, videos, pictures, social media, ads etc., unless you have an agreement with us about this for a specific video or photo set which we sell.

Our videos and photo sets can be purchased and used for royalty free use for YouTube videos, such as a "compilation" video, but ONLY if you have sent us an email and we have an agreement before purchasing the digital product. Please note that it cannot be used on a YouTube channel if you have not contacted us, if you do not have an agreement or deal with us, if we do not accept the video or your YouTube channel or if you are intending using it in a YouTube video regarding to or relevant to a hair product or any other product.

This is because we don't want to be a part of any fake marketing where someone would use our videos as a part of promoting for example a hair growth product, when in reality our model has not used the product for growing her hair.

Although we are offering our content to be used royalty free IF you have contacted us, and will use it for a compilation video, we can still ask you to remove it from your channel if you violate any terms. Please also note that you will have to give credits in the comment although it's royalty free.

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