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About RealRapunzels

RealRapunzels is a team of people that have a big passion for long, natural, beautiful hair.

We are established and founded in Norway by two long hair enthusiasts who wants to help others with inspiration and knowledge to grow long, amazing hair.

Founding RealRapunzels was no easy task and we got a lot of support from both long hair models and friends, which helped out a lot and that made it possible to keep RealRapunzels growing big.

We launched RealRapunzels 1.10.2016 (first October 2016) after a lot of work, and a lot of planning.

A big passion for very long, natural hair is the force that drove two people; the founders of RealRapunzels, to create a community for those girls and women that wants to grow very long hair, or who already has very long hair.

We also created a modeling opportunity for the amazing woman who already have very long hair (classic length and longer).

The name RealRapunzels comes from the name "Rapunzel" which is a story about a young girl with super long hair which is trapped in a high castle, who uses her hair as a rope, so her prince can climb up the tower and save her. Everyone has heard about this story, and it's known as "Rapunzel".

Long hair is the most beautiful attribute a woman can have, it's super beautiful and feminine, and hair is the first thing you see when you look at a person.

Your hair is often a reflection of how well your health is.

How long you can grow your hair is not only determined by your genes, although genes play a big role. Your diet, lifestyle and haircare is also extremely important.

Most people underestimate how long they can grow their hair. Many people think they can only grow it to their mid back or hips, while they can actually grow it to their knees, to the floor or even longer!

Every woman has the opportunity to grow long, healthy, beautiful hair.

Our vision and mission is to help girls and women get inspired to grow very long, healthy hair.

We will inspire you, help you with everything you need, from motivation to hair care advices.

RealRapunzels is created for Rapunzels, by Rapunzels.

If you are starting your hair journey, or have long hair, or have very long hair, you have come to the right place!

Our team and models are different people from different places with different looks and different backgrounds. What they have in common, is a warm personality and a passion for very long and beautiful hair.

The most important thing is that you are yourself and that you love yourself and your hair.

You are amazing!

At RealRapunzels, we want to make everyone feel outstanding, and we support each other like a family. Although long hair is fantastic, the person behind the hair is more important than the hair itself, and this is something we take very seriously as the well-being of others is always the most important factor for us!

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