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 by RealRapunzels™

Proudly created by the RealRapunzels team in collaboration with long haired girls and women

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Long hair coaching - for the person who has serious intensions to grow long hair

Our amazing models have hair, that every woman dreams of having - healthy, long, thick, shiny - outstanding! If you want to grow your hair long and healthy, you should ask them how, they really know what they are talking about!


We here, at RealRapunzels.com , offer an amazing and unique opportunity - face to face Skype coaching session from our best hair models and experts. You can ask them for the best advice about the hair growth, they will give you real tips on how to grow thick, shiny and healthy hair, regardless of the length.


If you are seriously intended to get the hair that you’ve always dreamt of - this opportunity is a great chance for you!


Skype coaching session will be available when both you and the hair expert have time. You choose your time and check, if the expert is available. If not, the expert will tell you the new time, and see if it’ll fit your time. If so, the session time will be arranged.


The prices are listed in euros. Skype coaching sessions are available for girls only.


Warning: This feature is not fully available yet, we are working on it! Come back next time!

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.